Relevant Solutions to Help You Thrive

Having a lot of money saved up is certainly a major achievement, but even better is letting that cash work for you while you relax. Wealth One client service managers are focused on matching your needs and goals to the best possible solution.

A savings account or GICs are great ways to park your money in preparation for short and long term goals.


Disciplined savers know the importance of putting your money away for a rainy day. However, many people are confused about how to best invest their money for retirement. The government has a few incentives to encourage Canadian tax payers to save for their own retirement:

•    Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
•    RSP (Retirement Savings Plan)

Buying Real Estate

Prior to purchasing a home, deposit your money safely in a savings or GICs account that generates steady and predictable income. This way, you can access your money for a down payment when the time is right, and you can shop your home with confidence.

Purchasing a home in Canada can be complicated. Getting a mortgage in your language can help to simplify the process.  Switching your mortgage to Wealth One Bank of Canada is an easy choice with service you can depend on, flexible payment terms, fixed or variable rates and pre-payment privileges.

To calculate what you can afford, use our mortgage calculator.