Tax-Free Guaranteed Investment Certificates


Wealth One Tax-Free Guaranteed Investment Certificates (TFSA GICs)

A Wealth One GICs can be held in your TFSA to help you meet your long and short-term goals! Your money is guaranteed to grow securely and tax-free. Lock in your investment up to 5 years.  It is a safe investment that guarantees 100% of the amount you invest and the interest paid.

The Canadian Government launched the TFSA program in 2009.  It is an option that allows you to earn tax-free income. We have a TFSA guide that helps you understand the program.



  • Market competitive rates
  • Minimum deposit of $1,000
  • Up to 5-year fixed term
  • Non-cashable
  • Interest is paid annually or at maturity
  • Automatically renews into a new 6-month term GIC, unless otherwise notified
  • Canadian dollar